Knowing your car dents

After years of providing the best car repairs, dent repair dubai has gained enough experience as well as knowledge to be able to classify dents or other damages of bodyworks. Here are some of the most common car dents that you will find around:

• Sharp dents: They are the most common dents found on cars. They happen on the swage and the car body lines in parking lots. Significant impacts such as minor collisions or fender benders will leave sharp dents on the car. A small object that comes into contact with your vehicle can create a severe dent on the panels of the vehicle.
Sharp dents are tricky. There are times when the sharp dents seem to be just like a small round dent, but beneath the swage, there could be severe damage. There is some sharp dent which is known to create a high spot on a panel. What it means is that the metal has been forced outwards, stretching, or bending it.
• Dings: They are not severe and are usually caused by a car door, a rock slammed against the vehicle. A ding is damage that is minor about ½ inch in diameter and can easily be removed by the many DIY methods of removing car dents.
• Round dents: Round dents are worse than dings. They can be in different depths and sizes but always keep an oval shape. They can have the shape of a funnel pointing in the middle or a shallow pool shape. Round things such as baseballs, hailstones, or soccer balls can cause round dents in your car.
The location and position where the round dent is found can quickly determine what caused it. Dents caused by hailstones are found in the hood, trunk, or roof of the vehicle. The main problem that hailstones dents bring is the several numbers of dents you will find located in one panel or location.

Posted on June 27, 2020