Videos of Events

As if you had been at the event
When a company, a city, a town hall … celebrates a great event, not everyone can attend. And many times, it would be great to have a video summary of the event that collects the essence of what happened. To transport us back to what has been celebrated.

These singapore event videography are usually used to promote the event before sponsors, before the administration itself, as a reminder to the attendees, or simply to post it on the Internet for the general public.

Our cameras and specialists will make a professional recording of everything that happens, being able to interview prominent members of the event.

Whether it is a long event, several days, or a fair, convention or simple conference, we will make an attractive audiovisual that summarizes and values the event.

Singapore event videography can be delivered in any language, and integrated into web applications, interactive DVDs, etc.

Video production for events
The audiovisual production related events is another of the services we offer from LowMedia. Nowadays, it is essential to record the things that happen in images, not only to count them, and we know that from LowMedia. Therefore, we make available to our clients the realization of singapore event videography for events of all kinds, what we call the video event.

An event can be celebrated in many ways and each type of act requires an appropriate video. In LowMedia we are aware of this and for this reason we always adapt to the needs of our clients, being able to make from small summary videos of a fair or congress to complete recordings of talks, presentations, presentations, etc.

The videos for events  that may occur may be of different types and types, but there are three predominant formats:

-Full recording: As its name suggests, this type of video is based on recording a talk, presentation or presentation in its entirety.

-Clip summary: This type of video event is usually characterized by having a short duration (2-4 minutes) and by its dynamism. It is a type of piece that intersperses resource images, statements to camera, music and, occasionally, voice over.

-Report : This video model is usually longer than a summary clip (5-10 minutes) and the cohesive axis is usually a voice-over that is making a narration. It is a video event typology that “deepens” more in the event itself or on the subject that is the same. It has a more reflective and deliberate character.


During all preparations for your wedding you run the risk of missing details. In the case of a singapore wedding videographer, this can have unpleasant consequences. That is why you will find a number of points of interest below that you can look out for while choosing your videographer. Want to hear reasons why you would want a videographer at your wedding.



A wedding videographer is a business and you are the consumer. Fortunately, most videographers communicate their prices including VAT, as it should be. Yet we give as a tip to check this, this prevents a nasty surprise afterwards of 21%.



Do not be completely blind to film quality in 4K or 6K. Whether or not a home camera or a professional camera is filmed makes in some cases a bigger difference. Ask the recent wedding videographer what recent images and compare them on different screens.



There are Singapore wedding videographer who film with extra lamps to get extra beautiful images. This gives you, for example, extra depth effect in the final film. Not everyone likes this, so maybe you just want to film without extra light. This is possible with so-called low light cameras. Discuss this with your wedding videographer. He or she can explain to you the advantages and disadvantages perfectly.



Last but not least: the backup. First of all the Singapore wedding videographer himself. What is plan B if the videographer is ill on your day? Many wedding videographers work together, so they have an excellent solution for these situations.


In addition, everything is filmed digitally nowadays. It can unfortunately happen that all images are lost. This may never be 100% preventable, but a Singapore wedding videographer must do his utmost to minimize this risk. Does the wedding videographer, for example, make interim backups? Or does he have a second camera in case the main camera stops?

Tips for Wedding Photos

After months of planning your special day has finally arrived. Of course you have gained inspiration for the perfect poses, ideas looked for good locations for the wedding photos and you have gone through everything with the Singapore Wedding Photographer, the wedding photos remain a thing. After all, these are the most tangible memories of your wedding, so you want them to be just great!


Photographer duo Underneath the Apple Tree shares their tips

Florian is an experienced singapore wedding photographer at Underneath the Apple Tree . This photographer’s duo only has positive experiences from couples on our site, so who better to ask for the ultimate tips for the wedding photos? He tells us today how he makes sure that his bridal couples are perfectly in their wedding photos.


Tip 1: Listen to your feelings

The photographer is present most of your day. It is therefore important that you get along well with him. When you feel comfortable with the wedding photographer, you will also get nicer pictures with a real smile. The choice for a wedding photographer is therefore very important. Also pay attention to the experience of the photographer because even at a wedding that is organized to perfection it can happen that a little improvisation is required. A Singapore wedding photographer with a lot of experience, who despite stress knows moments what to look out for, is very reassuring.


Tip 2: Choose a photographer with an eye for beautiful light

We like to play with natural light, and I think that is one of the things you should pay attention to when selecting a wedding photographer. Choose a Singapore wedding photographer with an eye for beautiful light. With me, couples are never in the full sun with their faces because soft light is the most flattering.


Tip 3: Ask if you can view a wedding report

In addition, I always recommend couples to choose a photographer who can capture all the smaller, spontaneous moments of the day and has an eye for details. Check this by asking during your introductory meeting to see if you can see a complete wedding photography. So you immediately see if they can also put all the personal touches that you have given to your Big Day in the picture.


Tip 4: Choose different spots

If beautiful photos are really important on your day then a location with both shade and light spots is really recommended. A photographer can enjoy himself by playing with different light situations, a shoot and wedding location with lots of daylight is really a blessing. Let the photographer also use your wedding location as a backdrop for the photos. Do you have an industrial location in the city? Then let buildings be the background. When you marry nationally, nature is a perfect backdrop!


Tip 5: take your time

What is also very important is to take the time for your photo shoot. The more time you have, the more you will feel at ease in front of the camera. Plan enough time to be able to relax in the picture. Remember, for example, to schedule extra time for when you want to take pictures before the ceremony.


Tip 6: Hot Shot

Let the photographer shoot a photo just after the ceremony has ended. You are just married, and you will see that your laughter and expression is indescribable. Make sure you immortalize this moment!


Tip 7: The weather for the wedding photo

Whether it rains or you enjoy a radiant sun, get the weather of the day in your wedding photos. Is it raining that it pours at your wedding? Take a picture with umbrellas! Is it snowing? Photograph your cousins ​​holding a snowball fight. That way you really show the atmosphere of your day on the wedding photos! If you see the photos later, you will get back that feeling of your wedding day!


Tip 8: Ignore the photographer

Just try to forget the camera. You should not have the idea that if the photographer is in the neighborhood, you have to draw a certain face. It is nice if you can really show your emotions, and you will not succeed if you ‘pose’ every time you see the photographer.

So ignore the photographer! That way you get real photos; during the teasing speech of the master of ceremonies you see that you get a red color, if you have fun with friends you see a great smile, or when you kiss each other, you see your gaze, those are the moments that you would like to see again.


Tip 9: Mini-shoot during the Golden Hour

Go for a mini-shot by the end of the day, during the so-called ‘Golden Hour’ the light is super flattering and you have already enjoyed part of the day so the fun radiates from it.


Tip 10: Preparation is half the work

A little organization can not hurt. Also make  a wedding photo checklist and sum up a number of events that should not be missed. It is also useful if you make a list of people with whom you would like to be photographed. You do not have to worry about anything and the photographer can keep an eye on this.


Have you ever imagined you, old lady sitting with the man you married to spend the rest of your life together looking at your wedding album? Surely you will look at those images with affection and with the certainty that they did right when investing in wedding photographs.

The money spent, all the work and the choice of the Wedding Photography Singapore will seem like great decisions when you realize that the album result was everything you wanted – and a little more.

Fortunately, all good photographers know this and take the job of taking wedding photographs very seriously, but doing these essays is a two-way street, so here are some tips for brides to take advantage of every moment of the photos of that occasion. Special.



That moment before the wedding can be very stressful and the nervousness can get worse if the place is full of people. So, opt for a quieter and more pleasant place for you. In this way, the wedding photography singapore clicks while you makeup and tidy your hair will be much better and more serene.

Avoid leaving beverage and food packaging in sight. Wedding Photography Singapore can ruin the magic of photography and are not easily removed from the image with Photoshop.



A good test does not end in 20 minutes. The perfect click may be a few feet from the ceremony site, but it may also be a few miles away, even in the middle of the road, or in another city. Do not save time to get the perfect background. Do not be afraid to “abandon” the ceremony and waste a few minutes in search of the perfect image. Face it as an interval of all the attention of the guests.



In wedding photographs, the rules can be easily broken. You do not have to be stuck in the traditions. If you do not feel comfortable in caresses among the guests, go with your fiancé and the photographer to a more reserved place and dance to your favorite music. This way it will be much easier for the professional to record moments of love and affection for the wedding album.

Do not be swayed by suggestions of photos of the guests. The ceremony is yours and your partner and the photographer must follow your will.



Do not try to keep your dress from getting dirty, it will happen! The same will happen with your shoes and you will not want to stick with that worry in your head all day long.

If your wedding photography singapore finds a place in the middle of a field, or plantations and he thinks that is the perfect setting for your wedding photographs, do not forget to go only for the clothes. If you think it’s a good background idea, go without fear!

If you prefer, suggest the photographer make these pictures at the end of the party, when food and drinks have inevitably fallen on your dress.



It is likely that your photographer does not know your family, so make a list of all of them and introduce them to the professional so he does not lose any familiar faces.

Also explain the situations of deaths and divorces in the family to avoid any embarrassing situation when making the wedding photographs.

Wedding photographers usually ask all this before the ceremonial rehearsal, but are warned.



It is important to discuss the ideas you have with your photographer, but do not give a large list of all the wedding wedding photography singapore you like and want the same.

A professional photographer needs the freedom to be creative and make unforgettable images. For him, each couple, each ceremony and each environment are different, are new experiences. So the last thing he needs is to look at lists of tips on how to make the photos. In the time he spent evaluating these tips, he could be assessing the venue and the ceremony to think about interesting clicks.

If you chose the professional well for your wedding, trust him and do not worry.



Lighting in a photograph can help, or hinder and is no different with wedding photographs. Therefore, it is important to plan the ceremony taking into consideration good places with good lighting available to your photographer.

The light of the sunset, for example, is the ideal one to make the photographic essay. Schedule your wedding so that it is possible to take photos of the album in that light. Avoid planning the photos for mid-morning and early afternoon. The sunlight at these times is very strong and clear and will make the images with many shadows.

If your ceremony is outdoors, try to do it all under the sun. If there is any shadow on your face, on your dress, or on the way to the altar, it will be very difficult for the photographer to correct the differences in enlightenment.

5 Styles of Wedding Videos

The videos for weddings are always part of any celebration, allowing you to review the best moments that marked one of the most important days in the life of the couple and their families, especially parents, siblings and close friends.

Nowadays, there are countless styles of Singapore Wedding Videography that allow you to record all the emotions experienced and felt during the ceremony and during the party, including tears, laughter and gestures of friendship and affection shown by those who participate in them.

Traditional Singapore wedding videography are beautiful to remember, especially for the big characters – the bride and groom – but they are sometimes too long and full of details for family and friends whom the newlyweds like to show them.

So today we leave you 5 styles of wedding videos that, being shorter, original and interesting, will leave your audience completely surrendered to the best moments that made your wedding a day that no one will want to forget.

1. Videos for weddings in the form of a video clip
In this style of wedding videos there are no lines. The idea is to choose a theme song, which will serve as a soundtrack to the edition, with the various images of different moments of the ceremony and the party, such as a music video of a famous group or singer.

We also do not resist sharing another video, where there is one or another speech, but where the concept is the same. It is simply beautiful and original, even because it is the bride waiting for the groom at the altar!

2. Videos for Marryoke type weddings
The style of videos for Marryoke weddings is a lot of fun and also within the concept of video clip. The big difference with our first suggestion is that the bride and groom and the guests will even sing! But do not worry you do not need to have a good voice, since the final set up is made with the original song.
The bride and groom have to choose a song that they know their guests – or at least a good many – know to sing the lyrics. During the wedding party, the largest number of people are singing this song, preferably in different places.

The videos can be romantic, fun and even scary: it all depends on the bride and groom’s choice.

3. Videos for weddings in documentary form
The idea is that these wedding videos look like documentaries or small movies, capturing the most special moments of that day, in an original way and a more detailed edition, including descriptions, etc.

An interesting idea: the video may include interviews with guests, where they talk about the party, reveal facts about grooms that nobody knows and who can be funny and relevant (not embarrassing!), Convey exciting or good luck messages to the audience. future life, etc. In this case, it would be very interesting to show the video during the water cup, there towards the end, to give the contracted professionals time to do the whole assembly.

4. Videos for Weddings in Stop Motion
The videos for marriages in Stop Motion are great because they use a common cinematic technique in animation, which uses the sequential arrangement of photographs. A different, fun and very creative idea for wedding videos.

5. Videos for vintage style weddings
If you’re a fan of the past and everything vintage, you ‘ll certainly enjoy the idea of making Super 8 wedding videos that resemble old videos!

Super 8 (or Super 8 mm) is a cinematic format developed in the 60’s as an enhancement of the old 8 mm format.

If you liked these 5 styles of Singapore wedding videography, you may also want to know a style already mentioned earlier on the blog: Singapore wedding videography, which combine the concept of instant photography with the technique of slow motion shooting.

Wedding Photography Singapore – Tips For Perfect Wedding Photos

The wedding day is the most beautiful day in our lives for many of us. Of course you want to have this recorded forever in a wedding report. After this special day the Wedding Photography Singapore are the memory to relive this same day later in the same way. In this article you can read the best wedding photography tips for perfect wedding photographs.

Get inspired

The first step in ensuring that the wedding day is recorded in the way you want is to gain inspiration. On Pinterest you can find many examples of how people have recorded their wedding day. Therefore, make a pinterest board with these examples and share this in advance with your wedding photography Singapore. In this way the wedding photography Singapore gets a good picture of your preferences. Many photographers use their own style and will therefore never literally copy a picture, but will use it for inspiration.

Nice moment: The Preparation

One of the nicest moments of the wedding day we find is the preparation. And especially the ‘finishing touch’. During this moment all sorts of unforgettable things happen: nervous parents, a tie that gets tangled up, wrestling to get into the dress. Even the preparation of the bride often forms a nice shot.

Beautiful moment: The First Look

An absolutely beautiful and emotional moment that should not be forgotten during this day is ‘the first look’. This is the very first moment that the bride and groom see each other in the wedding dress. We love it!

The bridal shoot

You are beautifully dressed, makeup and her top is in order: this must of course be recorded! And of course a bit of fun has to be added here. Plan for such a shoot for about one to one and a half hours so that you are guaranteed a series of beautiful wedding photography Singapore. Are you afraid that you are not photogenic or do you find it exciting to do such a shoot? No worries! More than half of all couples give this in advance and it always comes good.

Wedding Photography Singapore during the big day

Many photos will be taken during the day. Spontaneous wedding photography Singapore are the most beautiful photos available. So do not try to look into the camera and keep the attention together. Also look at each other’s eyes from time to time. A photo with beautiful loving looks is of course unaffordable. It is also an idea to occasionally go hand in hand, even when you think that the photographer is not taking pictures. When the wedding photography singapore secretly takes a picture, it looks so much nicer and more romantic!

Create group photos

It is not very often that all your family members and friends are together in one place. That is why this is the moment to make group photos! Keep in mind that this can be a bit messy. It is therefore wise to make a list in advance with whom you want to be photographed, who should be photographed and who should stand together. Pass this on to the master of ceremonies, wedding planner or the person who will take the lead while making the photos.

Make it a day to never forget!

The most important thing about this day is of course to enjoy! To relive this day for many years you can choose to do something with the wedding photography Singapore. For example, have the most beautiful photo printed on plexiglass. A photo on glass makes your photo lively and gives the photo an exclusive look. Can you choose between all the beautiful pictures? Then make a photo collage on canvas or glass. This way you can show many different photos on one surface. You can also have a nice photo album made of this beautiful day.

Photobooth As An Alternative To Group Photos

In many cultures the wedding videography are incredibly important. But suppose: you prefer not to spend a long time on the group photos, but still you want (more or less) all the guests in the picture: consider a Photobooth! Wedding videography can be rented for a part of the day and your guests can take a picture themselves (with or without all sorts of crazy attributes). Does this option appeal to you? Take a look at the examples below and ask us about the possibilities.

The party

A good party is getting cozier as the evening progresses;) People do another 11th drink, try the moonwalk for a while and have a chat with the groom’s uncle. Wedding videography, we try to capture the atmosphere of the party, but for that it is not necessarily necessary to stay present all evening.

Usually there is a central moment at a certain moment during the party, after which the party continues undisturbed. An opening dance, the cutting of the cake, a samba band, a toast, etc. Our advice is usually that we stay for another hour after this moment to capture the atmosphere of the party.


Let it go and enjoy it! “Eat, drink and beer!” That is the best thing and it delivers the most beautiful wedding videography. But just as serious: enjoy it!


Brands considered leading in research and development of digital image for photographic cameras, accounting has increased its responsibilities regarding technological development in the segment of capture of images and sounds.


His newest concern is with the familiarization of the public interested in wedding videography singapore (whether amateur or professional) with the universe of recording film images, deepening his interest through lectures and workshops.


The objective is to demystify concepts related to the use of lenses, sensors, audio and other resources (already very experienced in the universe of photography), in relation to the fantastic but challenging world of video images.

Here’s a list of some important tips for cameramen to better utilize your camera’s capabilities, and to get excellent results in wedding videography singapore.


Use autofocus for video

An important tip for cameramen, who do not yet know all their features, is the possibility, by using the STM lens on a Canon EOS camera (within the appropriate system), to adjust the focus automatically during movie recording.

The result is a precise, instant focus that will enable the cameraman to get an adequate shot even in the face of unstable objects such as during journalistic recordings, recording of moving objects, cars, people, etc.


Get the lenses for correction

It was recently launched by Canon, the Canon EF 35mm f / 1.4 Lens, the first wide-angle lens designed to minimize so-called chromatic aberrations when rainbow colours blend with the contours of the recorded image.


It is the Blue Spectrum Refractive Optics which, through the use of organic materials in its composition, corrects these deviations, allowing a fixed focus, maintaining a fixed index of refraction and preventing these interferences that promote the imbalance of the colours that cross the wide-angle lens.


Adjust the density filters

A simple tip for videographers looking for better results, either for recording movie images or for recording still images.


These lens filters, when properly overlapped, usually over a wide-angle lens, decrease the light intensity towards the sensor as they filter the light waves, eliminating the excess from prolonged exposure of the image.


The result is a lighter, smoother image that is free of deviations and distortions due to excessive light.


Take a picture while recording

To capture an image without interrupting movie shooting, use the video mode to record the image while the wedding videography singapore is being recorded.


To do this, simply press the shutter button, stop shooting for an instant (about 1 second), save the recorded photo to a specific Canon memory file, and then continue recording where it left off.


A tip for the cameraman to use the photographic features of his camera, without loss of time and discontinuity of recording.

Use manual focus

Despite the current quality of the cameras, and the various features that allow them to be used in movie shooting, manual focus still sets as the ideal in certain situations.


The tip for cameramen is that they give manual focus preference for important recordings and that they cannot easily be redone since, no matter how modern the camera, it will not have a 100% silent autofocus; and the noise captured during recording will be easily recorded in the final result.


Adjust the White Balance

The white balance is an existing feature in modern cameras, like DSLR, EOS and others, which makes the colour recorded through the lens, be faithful to the actual image.


So, a good tip for videographers is, before you start a movie recording, adjust their setting or, instead, the colour temperature.


This adjustment becomes indispensable if there is, perhaps, a variation of the light source during recording of the footage; as this setting does not work properly in post-production or during recording.


Use memory cards

No matter how advanced your camera is, it will not properly support a movie file because of its size, especially when in Full HD.


So, a good practice tip for videographers is to purchase a memory card, which can be between 8 and 16 GB; ideal for a movie shoot.


Recalling that in a space of 16 GB can be archived up to 48m of recordings, especially in fast cards, model SD, SDXC, and others; and compact, Flash UMDA model.


Use the snapshot video setting

The instant video setting, present in the most modern cameras, is registered as Snapshot feature, with which the videographer can record long movie videos by combining several small recordings.


When you press the record button, a sequence of up to 8 seconds of recording is recorded and a combination of these videos, in the form of a clip, is stored in a file and transformed into a kind of movie recording, which can be viewed through the camera or transmitted on television.


Extra batteries always at hand

Recording movie videos can be a unique experience, especially when you are an amateur enthusiast. However, the power consumption is infinitely greater than that of a normal photographic record.


So, a good tip for videographers is to always have extra batteries if your intention is to record for a full day or in dimly lit environments. In addition, it is also recommended that you never leave your home without being sure that your camera battery is fully charged.


Now, we’d like you to give us your opinion on this article, with your tips for cameramen getting better results in your work routine.


Team of a Wedding Videographer

Today in our blog we tell you what the team of a wedding video singapore is. What cameras he takes to the wedding, what lenses he uses, microphones, recorders, monopods, tripods, even the backpack he uses. Sergio opens his backpack and counts on which team goes to the wedding to record his videos.


Normally we always work together, me and Sergio, all this equipment we use between the two. Although I’m more of a monopod, I like stable shots. Also, as Sergio says, I really like talking to people and we take advantage of it to record their stories and then use them in montages. So, let’s get down to business and see what video equipment you need to record a wedding video singapore.


We start with the bodies and objectives. We work with Canon 5dm2. Two equal bodies. This helps a lot when editing the wedding video singapore and that the files have a touch of colour. Even if they have a bad dominant, it does not hurt you, because you have the same dominant in two cameras.


Both cameras have installed Magic Lantern since always. About 3 years for sure. With this software you can control sound theme, recording format, zebra in burnt areas, even you have piking of focus areas. You have many more options that you can see on the software page.


The objectives we use are Tamron 28-75mm, Samyang 85mm, Samyang 24mm tsh, Samyang 14mm, Canon 50mm 1.4 and a handful of Soviet lenses, all manual with an adapter ring. The “SUV” 28-75 saves many times, but if there is a chance to work quietly, the combination of 24 + 85 is the one that Sergio uses a lot.


For sound themes we use 2 “Zoom h1” recorders, two “Rode” tie mics using iPhone 5s as a recorder, other “Rode Videomic pro” for the cameras. We also have two tie mics that Sergio bought at the beginning, brand “Digi” to use with “Zoom h1”, but they are already replaced by “Rode”.


In carriers used unipods and tripods brand “Manfrotto” precisely models 190XB and 560B with heads 700RC2. Sometimes it uses slider “Konova” K2 of 80cm. We do not carry cranes or drones, although sometimes our clients asked for aerial recordings and, in these cases, we work with another company that only focuses on drone. They carry an “Inspire 1” by DJI.


To carry gear, Sergio uses a Lowepro Flipside 400AW backpack, although this season he started wearing an Xbelt Pro harness that helps keep his back relaxed and not carry all the weight on his neck. In addition, as he uses a two-hook harness in one, he hangs a camera and in the other he carries his tripod.

Well, if you want to know more, about lighting, cards or filters that we use at a wedding, give the play and watch the full video.

Being A Photographer, These Are The Skills You Should Have

Before starting to alter, make sure you have a decent image work process. This means saving first in a different place to avoid damaging or annihilating the first image. Also, feel comfortable with the UNDO capability of your program, normally the Ctrl-Z key is an alternative route to fix the last image change.  Singapore wedding photographer is the best place to take your dream photographs.

Crop – This device allows you to eject a part of the image. For the most part, it forms a rectangle around the area that needs to be maintained and the rest is ejected. The territory within the rectangle becomes its new image. The turning and rectification devices are identified with this instrument. Pivot allows you to rotate the image, and Straighten makes a comparable assignment, which allows you to determine a horizon line or reference point. I prescribe to rotate first and after trimming after having the best possible introduction.

Brightness and Contrast – This device gives you the opportunity to increase or decrease the connection between light and dark (differentiation), and increase or decrease the overall brightness of the image. Mixtures of brightness and configuration difference can have a very emotional effect on your image, including additional “punch” or soften the visual effect. You can also add accentuation to dusks and other scenic shots. In the event that your image seems level or boring, this is a decent device to try.

Saturation – This instrument is used to enlarge the tone of an image. Used for abundance, the result can be simulated, and skin tones can be made to look unnatural. Be that as it may, for flower and outdoor images, this instrument can be used to sweeten the shading effect of an image .

Change the size of- This device is used to change the size and number of pixels, or image dabs, in an image document. When sending something to a site for example, it may be necessary to reduce the size of the image so that it does not take too long to stack. When you send an image to be printed at a considerable size, you may need to size it larger. Many projects will try to fill in the missing spaces in case you try to resize an image beyond its unique pixel measurements. Called the insertion, this program can transmit mixed results in the possibility that you are trying to build the image estimate too a long way beyond your unique measurements.

Color adjustment – This device gives you the opportunity to change the shading temperature of the image. In the event that the camera’s white setting is not coordinated up to the shading temperature of the overwhelming light source, the next image may have a shading that is undesirable. Using this instrument, you can choose a shading determination (white or dark) in the photograph or let the device move the shading EQ to match, or change some settings or sliders to make the image “warmer” or “more cold”. It is ideal for hitting the nail in the head of the camera, however, this device can help protect the photographs that usually have ill-intentioned shading shots.